The work of the NCIHC is supported principally by the unremunerated time and efforts given by members, board members, committee members, those who participate in the quarterly conference calls and who give us feedback through focus groups or email. Through these efforts, they donate their time to the important work the Council is doing. Without them, there is no NCIHC.

However, like all organizations, the NCIHC also needs funds to be able to support the work of volunteers. The Council depends on small grants and contracts for these funds, and especially on donations from people like you.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to aid in the work of the Council, you can do so by check, credit or PayPal by clicking on the links below.



Another way to support the work on the Council is to become a member. It's easy!  To enroll as a member, j
ust click here.



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