Trainers Webinar # 18

webinar 18 Partnering with Providers


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Some comments from participants during the live version:

  • "Another very helpful webinar.  Especially good to hear from someone who is both physician and interpreter -- some great insight into what is most important to physicians and ways to improve our collaborative relationship."
  • "Useful and practical pedagogical approach.
  • "Even though I'm not a trainer of  interpreters, this information is immensely helpful to me as an interpreter with over twelve years of experience."

  • "Great Webinar! Mostly, I liked that a big part of the webinar was practice and hands-on examples that enriched the learning experience."



As medical interpreters take their place firmly as part of the care team, trainers can provide critical instruction on how to mesh with the needs of the provider as he or she strives for successful clinical outcomes. Interpreters need to be flexible in their interpreting methods based on the needs of the provider in each encounter. This webinar prepares trainers to teach interpreters how to follow the explicit and implicit lead of the provider they are working with.

By the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

1.  Teach about the components of patient visits from the providers’ perspectives

2.  Use stories and examples when teaching about what should and should not be done in a medical interpreted visit

3.  Provide interpreting students with methods for increasing their integration into the health care team

About Nancy Foote, MD, MPH

Nancy Foote, MD, MPA, is a family physician with almost 40 years of experience and is a certified Spanish medical interpreter.  She is a specialist in care of indigent patients (low income, immigrant and minority communities). Her work experience includes primary care and medical administration in the US and internationally, including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean, teaching of doctors in training, and medical interpreting in outpatient and inpatient settings.  She has worked in migrant and community health centers, and overseas with Doctors without Borders and other non-profit health care organizations. 


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