Webinar # 3

From the Classroom to the Exam Room:

Effective Learning

Based on Real-World Experience

By guest Trainer of Trainers Therese-Marie Mirande, PhD, MA

presented August 8, 2013

A video recording of this webinar is not available. Click here  to download and view the slideshow in pdf format.

Some of the comments received:

  • "Very informative webinar.  Appreciated the referrals to NCIHC resources like the bookshelf, trainers blog, and mentoring program."
  •  "I love the idea of involving students in the healthcare interpreting profession (i.e. conferences, associations, etc.), so that Real World training doesn't only focus on the interpreted encounter - there's more to the profession than what happens in the medical exam."
  • "You did lay out a useful structure for trainers to bring more real life experiences to students, and you've provided us with a range of ideas for development and use in our interpreter training."  

This presentation looks at ways to provide content for students in a real-world context.  This is often challenging because of issues surrounding HIPAA, liability, and logistics. This recorded webinar considers how to successfully find and use guest speakers, field trips, collaboration with healthcare training programs, and a practicum or internship.

The attendee will learn how to:

  • Identify learning objectives of real-world experience.
  • Establish and cultivate relationships in the community that support real-world experiences.
  • Prepare hosts, speakers and other contributors for the experience.
  • Have realistic expectations for activities.
  • Provide structure for students to effectively explore and reflect on the experience.

About our guest Trainer of Trainers 

Therese-Marie Mirande, PhD, MA

Thérèse Marie Mirande holds a Ph.D. in Spanish from the University of Washington in Seattle.  She has over 30 years of teaching experience, primarily at the college level.  She is a Washington State Department of Social and Health Services-certified medical and social service interpreter and has been the coordinator of the Pierce College Language Interpreting program since 2007.  She has presented at Interpret America and Critical Link, as well as at the NCIHC Annual Membership Meeting, and is on the Health Care Committee of the Washington State Coalition for Language Access. She has been on the NCIHC Standards and Training Committee since 2012.

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